Love knows no bounds and no limits – if it is true love, then it spans all space and time.

Song Hyun Ae was abandoned in the streets of Seoul when she was four years old.  When Father Ko Jin Sang found the starving and wounded white child, the only thing she carried was a note written in English:  “May the song of God protect this child.”  Unable to find her parents, he gave her a home at the orphanage sustained by his congregation.  Ten years later, Hyun Ae was adopted by a family interested only in her high IQ and the ability to marry her off for their own benefit.

Lee In Su was born into privilege and travesty.  Three days after he entered the world, his mother passed away from complications of the heart.  Dae Ho was left to raise his son alone.  In Su received the best of everything, including his father’s love and dedication.  He was  to take over the family business, Royal Lee Exports, one of the most profitable import-export businesses of South Korea.  However, he suffered from Grand Mal seizures and had been diagnosed with the terminal heart condition, Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

In a twist of fate, these two are brought together.  This is the story of their trials, tribulations, and lives as they are thrown into an existence neither of them wanted.

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6 Responses to Home

  1. zhaoul says:

    Hey, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award http://kdramadreamer.wordpress.com/

  2. Just wanted to say THANKS for the Follow! Looking forward to reading your stuff! 😁

  3. Lady G. says:

    I couldn’t find a comment section for chapter 7. But wow, and double wow!! That was worth the wait. I love how you draw the reader in with such delicate intimate scenes of growing affection, skinship, & love. I blushed along with Hyun Ae. They are beautiful. As I’m reading I’m also struggling along with the inner turmoil of both leads. I sympathize with Hyun Ae’s confusion over In Su’s hot & cold behavior. She doesn’t know what’s real or staged. But the beautiful moments feel most real, both to the readers, and the characters sharing them. They’re remarkably vivid and descriptive and I love that, it all leapt off the page and became a reality in my mind.

    There’s bound to be a crop of hurt, jealousy and misunderstandings now that Min Ki’s taking the security job. In Su feels less of a man as it is, when he couldn’t even come to his wife’s aid when she cut a finger. How will he feel knowing another man, one she’s adored throughout her life, will be the one protecting her. The fireworks will be exploding all over, and not just in a romantic sense.

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