As I slowly work at writing this story I’ve been picturing certain actors and actresses.  As the cast of characters grows I’ll be updating this page with the person that for me best suits the role.  I hope that this helps to envision the story.

Song-Hyun-Ae Hayden Panettiere as Song Hyun Ae

Ko-Jin-Sang Choi Jung Woo as Father Ko Jin Sang

Sister-Claire Im Ye Jin as Sister Claire

Sim-Bong-Cha Park Won Suk as Sim Bong Cha

Na-Kyu-Bok Jo Min Ki as Na Kyu Bok

 Lee-In-Su  Choi Jin Hyuk as Lee In Su

Lee-Dae-Ho Lee Soon Jae as Lee Dae Ho

Park-Jae-Hwa Kim Min Jong as Park Jae Hwa

Yoo-Sun-Hee Lee Da Hee as Yoo Sun Hee

Lee-Young-Ho Kim Sang Joon as Lee Dae Young

Lee-Jung-Su Kim Joeng Hoon as Lee In Young

Ko-Eun-Mi Kim Tae Hee as Kim Eun Mi

Kang-Myung-Ki Lee Ki Woo as Kang Myung Ki

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